Funeral Basics

Differences Between a Funeral and Cremation

Explore the profound differences between funerals and cremations, understanding their unique traditions, significance, and the nuanced ways they intersect. Dive into a comprehensive guide that demystifies the practices, offering clarity for those navigating end-of-life decisions.

Funeral Etiquette

Funeral Etiquette -10 Tips

Proper funeral etiquette is essential in showing sensitivity and respect to the family and loved ones of the deceased. Here are etiquette tips to keep in mind when attending a funeral.

water cremation

What is Aquamation? Where is it legal in Canada? 

Cremation has become increasingly popular among Canadians as a funeral option. However, with the growing trend toward environmental sustainability, interest in aquamation–or flameless cremation–has been on the rise. Aquamation is a water-based alternative to traditional cremation. Learn more about aquamation and its availability in Canada below.   What is aquamation? Aquamation is a water-based form of …

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funeral costs

How to Save Money on a Funeral

Funerals can be expensive, costing anywhere from $1000 to over $10,000. And these prices can go higher when a funeral home handles memorial services too. Fortunately, there are ways to keep within a budget and still have the funeral you want for your loved one. Below are 10 tips to help get the best deal …

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funeral casket

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Cost of cremation and burial and related funeral fees When planning a funeral, it can be a stressful and emotional process. One of the stress-creating factors can be the cost of final arrangements. Funerals can cost as little as $1,500 to over $20,000, but the price varies dramatically based on selected services. Understanding funeral expenses …

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